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“I just had my first appointment with Kathy and she was FABULOUS. I’ve taken my (not so happy to be groomed) maltipoo to other groomers before and never had the kind of service that Kathy provided. I was fit into her schedule the same week I reached out- I’ve waited weeks for other groomers. At first, I was nervous to see how it would go with my pup being in really bad shape and so unhappy about grooming, but Kathy was understanding, careful with my dog, and communicative with me the whole time. I got a mid-groom update with a photo and post-groom email detailing her work and recommendations. He even came back to me with a brand new tie on! It was so cute and just another detail of Kathy’s incredible work. I would highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for a kind, caring, communicative groomer who does great work.”
— Kristin

“Kathy is incredible!!! I called her from Hawai`i asking her to go to my Mom’s house and groom both my very difficult Chihuahuas before they traveled to their new home (didn’t want them stinking on the airplane). She promptly called back, made an appointment, confirmed a few days before and was there on time. My Mom reported that not only was her van clean inside, but out, and that both the boys took a liking to her, like I said, INCREDIBLE! Kathy was even kind enough to send pictures of the boys, LOVE the bow ties, so handsome, AND CLEAN! Thank You!!!”
— Sally

“Very happy with the level of service and care provided by Kathy at Groom n’ Zoom. Making an Appointment was easy, and Kathy explained the process and services. I have a 13 year old 85-lb Malamute, as a senior dog he needs a bit more tender loving care, in addition to a thick undercoat. Kathy arrived on time and was easy going, professional, and my dog adored her right from the beginning. She showed us the van and the equipment, and was parked in our driveway the entire time. Highly recommend Kathy and Groom ‘n’ Zoom for the convenience and care, the price was exceptionally reasonable for the convenience and low-stress atmosphere for my Mal. He looks like a young dog again!”
— Jaclyn

“Kathy has groomed my Pomeranian several times and we loved the results! Even better, Chloe (my dog), loved Kathy. Although we cautioned Kathy that Chloe might need a cone, she was able to keep Chloe calm throughout the process. That was almost more impressive than how good Chloe looked at the end. We will definitely be taking Chloe to her for all future grooming needs.”
— Amanda

“We own a large cocker spaniel named Sunny. Not long ago we had the opportunity to have Kathy Miles bathe and groom Sunny. The experience was awesome. She bonded with the dog from the outset and gave him the full treatment. He looked great and was a happy camper. There is no doubt that we would engage her services again.”
— Bob

“Wow Kathy I feel so blessed to have met you and I look forward to being your very lucky customer. Thank you so much. I love the pictures!!! I am your dedicated fan! Bless you in your new journey!”
— Michele, Lilly, and the Amador Dane Crew

“Thank you so much for coming over yesterday. Jemma looks fabulous. And I’m sure it’s much less traumatic for her than the big pet store. Your van is really state of the art. Quite the lovely dog spa. Again thank you so much, I will certainly recommend you to friends.”
— Judy