Groom 'N' Zoom Mobile Pet Grooming - - Serving Livermore and Pleasanton

The Van

My fully-equipped van comes right to you!

Groom ‘n’ Zoom’s mobile grooming service brings the grooming salon right to the client, with everything required — including a generator, water tanks, water heater, dryers, clippers, and all of the other tools and supplies needed to provide the complete experience.

My van includes a stainless steel tub, a grooming table that moves up and down to adjust to the perfect height for each pet, a commercial generator, plumbing, air conditioning, electrical lighting, and cabinetry. Separate water tanks make sure fresh water and dirty water are handled separately.

The van is completely self-contained, and does not require any connection to the client’s water or electricity for service. With an on-board generator, I have ample electricity to use blow dryers, clippers, and any other electrical equipment needed.